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Pop Up/Tent Trailer Wrecking in Edmonton

Even when your pop up/tent trailer has reached the end of its life, it may still have some value to others. Pop up/tent trailer wrecking allows other Edmonton pop up/tent trailer owners to benefit from your trailer. Wrecking is great for the environment because it is a type of recycling. Rather than letting your old pop up/tent trailer sit in a dump, bringing it in for wrecking allows others to continue getting good use out of it. We’ll remove any salvageable parts that can be used in repairs for other trailers. Used parts for older pop ups/tent trailers can be difficult to find when models are discontinued. By recycling parts, we’re able to provide a valuable service to those looking to make affordable repairs to their trailers. To learn more about our wrecking services at WKS Tent Trailer Rebuilders, please contact us today.

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