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Edmonton's Only Serious Pop Up/Tent Trailer Wrecker

Get Parts & Repairs for Pop Ups/Tent Trailers from Edmonton’s WKS Tent Trailer Rebuilders

Here at WKS we service all makes of pop ups and tent trailers in Edmonton. We wreck pop ups/tent trailers to bring you used parts from 1967 and up. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and we specialize in roof repair, re-cabling and interior design. When it comes to pop ups/tent trailers, we’re Edmonton’s source for parts, repairs, and wrecking! We can supply everything from access doors to fridges to water tanks. Our huge selection of miscellaneous parts is too big to list here. Please call for location and hours.


WKS Tent Trailer Rebuilders carries both new and used parts. From canvas to water tanks, we have the parts you need to keep your pop

up/tent trailer in tip-top shape!


Whether you’re dealing with a broken cable, a broken water pump, or other issues, our repair professionals can help get your pop up/tent trailer back in working order so you can get back on the road.


Ready to say goodbye to your old pop up/tent trailer? Bring it to us at WKS for wrecking. We’ll salvage the parts that are still good and recycle them as used parts.

Our Testimonials

Do you want to know how our services make a difference? Hear from our happy customers about their experience with WKS Tent Trailer Rebuilders.

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The Place to Go

“If your looking to get work done or just looking for parts, WK is the place to go. I can’t say enough about how much Wes has helped me out during my pop up restoration. Even giving me tips like don’t switch out the tire rims which we had done, which could have ended terribly.”

- Allison - 02/09/2022

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Our Projects

See our gallery of parts and completed projects.

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